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I do not support teaching CRT as it is against the laws and rules in the state of Florida. I am in favor of teaching the Florida State Standards as we are mandated to do so by law which includes standards on American History and Civics. As an elected official, I swore an oath to uphold the rules, laws, and the Constitution of the state of Florida and of the United States of America and I take that very seriously.


Vaccine Mandate

I am against a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. We currently have vaccines that are required for entrance into school which are a part of federal and state law.

Mask Mandates

My opinions on masks have changed greatly over the last 2 years of the pandemic.

I am currently not in favor of a mask mandate as all our students and staff have the option to protect themselves through voluntary vaccinations or mask-wearing.

NSBA Letter about parents as a terrorist

I do not believe parents or concerned citizens are terrorists.

This was a ludicrous statement that came from the National School Board Association. As a member of the Florida School Board Association that was a part of the NSBA, I fully supported our decision to leave the NSBA. Parents and community members that are actively involved in our schools help us to make our schools better! Parents and citizens should express their views and concerns to their elected officials however it is never okay to threaten anyone with violence of any kind.

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