Proven Record

In 2021, Charlotte County Public Schools increased to 13 of 67 school districts in state ranking. This is an increase from the 2017-2018 school year when we were ranked 28 of 67 school districts.

In 2021, the graduation rate was 90.9%. This is the highest in CCPS history and higher than the state average! In 2018, the graduation rate was 87.6%.

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Expanded career and technical education

Examples include the addition of new programs such as Building Construction Technology, Aviation Airframe Mechanics, Aviation Assembly and Fabrication Programs.

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Expanded advanced coursework opportunities for high school students

Examples include the new AICE Diploma Program offered at all three high schools with an increase in expanded access and a pass rate of 87% in 2019-2020. In addition, we have increased enrollment in our advance placement courses.

Additionally, Charlotte County Public Schools was recognized as the District of Year for the 2020-21 school year from Cambridge International for 1.) Increasing access to the rigor of the Cambridge curriculum, 2.) sustaining or improving student performance (based on the 2019-20 exams) and 3.) committing to equity in education for all students.

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Increased teacher and staff pay

  • Pay rates and salaries have increased for every position in the last 4 years.
  • Starting pay rate for a new teacher in 2018 was $38,232. Starting pay rate for a new teacher in 2021 is $48,069.
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Updated and refocused District Strategic Plan


Responsive and transparent to parents and citizens

I don’t shy away from tough emails or phone calls. I have worked hard to bring information about our schools to the public. I have a very active Facebook page where I share information about what is happening in our school district. I am also responsive to parents and community members through taking the time to read and answer every email I receive and by making myself available by phone or in person for more in-depth conversations.

Supports parent and community engagement

Parents and community members that are actively involved in our schools help us to make our schools better! The most successful schools are the ones where parents and schools partner together. Parents are the best advocates for their children, and I fully support parents having an active role in the education of their children.

Public schools are not a lone island that can survive without backing. The community in which a school is located has a responsibility to support its local schools with time, money, and care. Whether you have no children, young children, or grown children, the success of the schools your tax dollars support should be a priority. The youth of the community quickly become the work force and professionals that service the needs of the population. When children grow up in communities that rally behind them, they will feel encouraged to stay with those communities as they become adults

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