The Issues

Best for Students

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”— Chinese Proverb

The focus of all my decisions comes back to the same question: Is this what is best for students? It is critically important that our schools offer all our children a path to a successful future, and I am able to do that by keeping that singular question in mind with every vote I take.

Teachers and Staff

Charlotte County Public Schools is blessed to have over 2,000 of the best professionals helping to shape the minds of the next generation. This group is committed to providing the best education possible to the students of this community.  As an educator, there is a deep drive to want to give back to your community, to share your passion and knowledge for a subject, to motivate and inspire students to find their talents and gifts.

It is my job as a board member, to make sure we are recruiting and retaining the best staff we can to further support giving our students the best path to a successful future.


Students learn best in an environment that they feel safe, cared for, motivated, and excited. A multifaceted approach has been taken to in order to achieve this including implementing many of the recommendations from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission Report such as fencing all our schools, the installation of a one button lock down system, more mental health professionals to service the needs of our students, five hours of mental health instruction for students, and at least one school resource officer at every school. I will continue to support initiatives to make our schools a safe place for students to learn.

Transparency and Accountability

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” -Mother Teresa

As an elected body to help guide our school district, the school board should be available to the people.

Since being elected in 2018, I have made myself available whenever parents or community members need me. I have answered nearly every email, met with constituents in person, and had many phone conversations all in the interest of listening to the concerns of the people I serve.

School board meetings and workshops should be live streamed to give people access to the information that is being discussed. Recently, the school board approved the purchase of updated equipment to give us the ability to live stream our meetings. I will be bringing this to my fellow board members for a vote once the new equipment has been installed.


“The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations” – Jacob Lew

Our school budget should always be based around the needs of our students. We need a high level of accountability with every aspect where taxpayer dollars are spent. Currently, the school district has hired an outside consultant to complete an Efficiency Study of the district to make sure the district is being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Findings from this study will be made available for the public to review and then used to make our district as fiscally efficient as possible.

To see more information about current and past CCPS budgets, please click the link below.

Accountability / Budget (

Parents Rights and Community Involvement

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

The most successful schools are the ones where parents and schools partner together. Parents are the best advocates for their children, and I fully support parents having an active role in the education of their children.

Public schools are not a lone island that can survive without backing. The community in which a school is located has a responsibility to support its local schools with time, money, and care. Whether you have no children, young children, or grown children, the success of the schools your tax dollars support should be a priority. The youth of the community quickly become the work force and professionals that service the needs of the population. When children grow up in communities that rally behind them, they will feel encouraged to stay with those communities as they become adults.


“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” -Benjamin Franklin

When you start comparing districts to one another, it is easy to see the additional benefits they enjoy because of additional funds. In 2018, the voters of Charlotte County approved adding 1 mil to their property taxes for four years. As a result of this, CCPS was able to recruit and retain high quality staff through significantly increased pay, adding an additional 30 minutes to the school day, getting rid of pay to play sports, increased mental health professionals at all our schools, adding math and reading coaches to schools, more funding for performing arts programs, additional workforce education programs such as the Airframe Mechanics Program, and so much more. Through these initiatives CCPS has increased the graduation rate to 91% and has moved up in state ranking to 13 or 67 school districts. The investment has paid off!

For information about the Independent Referendum Oversight Committee who oversees how referendum dollars are spent, please click the link below.

Accountability / Independant Referendum Oversight (

For more information about the referendum, please click the link below.

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