College is not the right decision for all students, so our schools should continue to expand their vocational education facilities and create new avenues for good paying jobs that do not require a college degree. The opportunities for a vocational education at the Charlotte Technical Center and other campuses throughout the county have expanded over the past few years, but we should do everything we can to encourage continued growth.

As our county grows, we need to ensure our workforce grows with it. Charlotte County Public Schools, with community and business support, needs to look towards the future, providing for the types of jobs that will be needed in several years. Programs that target vocations should be implemented to provide students with an alternative stable career path.

As part of your School Board, I will work with our community and district to expand vocational funding and high school programs to ensure our students have the ability to shape their education for their future.


“I think a trillion dollars of student loans and a massive skills gap are precisely what happens to a society that actively promotes one form of education as the best course for the most people. I think the stigmas and stereotypes that keep so many people from pursuing a truly useful skill, begin with the mistaken belief that a four-year degree is somehow superior to all other forms of learning.”

— Mike Rowe


  1. Philip M. Keim says:

    My name is Phil Keim, and I was in education for 30 years. This included 10 years teaching high school English, and 20 years as a high school principal. I ran a comprehensive technical school for 10 years (1700 students) with an Academy concept that I helped design. My last six years, I was in Guam as the Principal of DoDEA’s Guam High School for the military. I designed their technical programs and broke records with completers of programs. If I can be of any assistance to help, let me know. I would be glad to share my knowledge. Phil Keim

  2. Felicia jovais says:

    Agreed. You have my vote! Not all young students are academic and they need an alternative to a 4 year college for a future earning a viable income.

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